About us

EdanSe Company was founded in 2014 by international, World Class Ballroom dance competitor pair, Evgueni Chaoulski and Sara Schilling. Their vast experience in the field makes them experts in the knowledge of best fitting and quality dance shoes, apparel and accessories.

We have developed a line of unique brands of shoes, clothes and other dance related necessities to serve the North American market. Every single item offered in this store is tested by the owners themselves as well as a group of other competitors and social dancers. We make sure that the products we sell are of high quality and respond to the proper standards.

Our retail store had started with one brand of dance shoes and has now grown into multiple varieties of multiple brands of all dance related items. We frequently travel out and vend at local dance competitions as well. One thing is certain with our store – we will never lower the standards of quality, customer service and care. And you will always find the right products for your dancing here with us!